Strapping and Banding Kits

Plastic Strapping and Banding Kits or Hand Strapping Starter Kits ...     

 as they are frequently presented are generally purchased by users who have no indepth knowledge of plastic strapping systems and are therefore totally reliant on supplier information. It is also the case that the supplier frequently has no indepth knowledge either, particularly if they are a multi product sales organisation, rather than a specialist strapping Company....often a case then of the blind leading the blind! A bit like choosing from the strapping  starter kits illustrated above they give the buyer no real indication of how safe they will be. and force him to rely on descriptions like heavy duty tool.....heavy duty strapping ...suitable for heavy duty applications and similar meaningless and misleading unquantifable phrases that makes it impossible for the buyer to make an informed decision.

Herewith then some information that we hope will clarify  many of the issues raised with hand strapping starter kits.

Most plastic strapping hand starter kits... 

are presented with strapping tools manufactured in the Far East because they are cheap to import, are sold at prices that are only marginally cheaper than quality strapping tools and therefore allow the seller to make good margins. The main benefit therefore is with the seller... not the user, unless the tools re used infrequently.. For better value therefore look for hand strapping starter kits with at least some European/UK/USA manufactured content.

Many Hand Strapping Starter Kits... 

 are presented with half quantity - or less - packs of strapping or seals, particularly where the strap is shown in a cardboard box. This is fine if the purchase is for a one time or very infrequent usage, but if repeat purchases are envisaged then it is a very expensive way indeed of buying strapping materials.
For better value look for those strapping kits that offer 'Industry Standard' quantities both on strapping and clips - and save alot !

Some Hand Strapping Starter Kits...

  present some of the imported strapping combination tools as 'Heavy Duty' or as suitable for use on heavy duty applications but do not advise prospective purchasers that the tools will only standard duty clips. This means that although the strapping  tool may be offered with heavy duty 260/300 kgs break strength strap, the clip is incapable of holding much more than 90 Kgs, so disregarding the safety implications, and the strength of the strap is under utilised and wastes money. Better to buy strapping tools that makes stronger joints even when using a lesser grade strapping material at less cost to the user.

There are some Hand Strapping Starter Kits ...

offered that deliberately set out to mis-lead by showing full size reels of plastic strapping but specifiying a reduced non Industry Standard meterage in their copy so that the Strapping Kit appears to be more competitive than others you may have seen. For them it's more cash in the coffers but thats of little consolation to buyers when they realise they've been 'Short Changed.'

We hope you you find this information of interest and decide to purchase a Hand Strapping Starter Kit from a specialist strapping company. Good value strapping kits can be found Here!


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