Semi Automatic Plastic Strapping Machine  V Handtools

It's common for enquirers with a carton strapping application to initially give an 'adverse'  knee jerk reaction to the cost of semi automatic plastic strapping machines when compared with that of a handtool, frequently the subject of the initial enquiry. What is generally overlooked however is the hourly labour cost ( There's a man behind a strapping tool) and the slow speed at which a strapping handtool systems for carton strapping are operated.
The initially perceived belief that handtools present an economical solution to carton strapping is certainly untrue if say more than 30 cartons a day are to be double strapped. and can not only quickly be disproved , but shown to be a rather expensive solution.

The maths are not complicated......


An application required 50 cartons to be double strapped per day. Using a  'low cost' hand tool, tensioner and crimper the procedure is:

1 Pick up end of strap

2 Lift carton to get strap underneath and around.

3 Thread strap around carton

4 Place strap into strapping tool

5  Operate strapping tensioner

6 Place clip over joint

7 Pick up sealers
8. Place sealers over clip and crimp

9. Take sealer of clip and put them down
10. Take Tensioner off strap.

= 10 operations per strap!

And then do the same again for every strap applied to every carton.  Average time per strap applied will be approximately one minute, so 50 cartons x 2 straps x 1 minute average = 1.6 hours per day minimum.

At a minimum wage of 7.50/hour cost would be 3000 per annum at least - every year.  Much more if salary is higher...

Alternatively, and using a Semi Automatic Strapping Machine time taken would be just 4-5 minutes a day x 7.50 x 5 days x 50 weeks = 156.00 per annum

Conclusion?   It's a No Brainer!... A Semi Automatic Strapping machine pays for itself in just three months!

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