Make Pallet Strapping Difficult - Learn How

Pallet Strapping - The Slow and Backbreaking Method

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 A surprisingly common statement frequently made by people  - who themselves don't strap pallets - is that when told there is a low cost tpallet plastic strapping machine that can  place two plastic straps around a pallet in just six seconds reply.... "We can do it quicker with a 'threader stick'.. a piece of wood like a broom handle with a 'V' notch in the end into which a length of strap is jammed.

So lets consider the effort involved implementing this 'system' of getting straps around pallets, prior to placing the strap in the strapping tool, as it is the most time consuming and demanding part of the strapping cycle...

1. Pull strapping trolley to pallet.

2. Pick up threader rod.

3. Pick up end of strapping from trolley.

4. Place strapping into threader rod.

5. Stoop and place threader rod into pallet void.

6. Walk to other side of pallet.

7. Stoop to pick up threader rod and strap.

8. Remove strap from threader rod.

9. Put down threader rod.

 10. Pick up strapping tool.

It is apparent that there are 10 actions required prior to one strap being put into a strapping tool - all  in 6 seconds if the statement is true...

It is also apparent that the same number of actions will be required for the second strap i.e  a minimum of 20 operations for each and every subsequent pallet strapped, and.... and twice as many if the pallets are cross strapped. 

Could you do this in 6 seconds?    it's doubtful but allegedly it can be done although with little regard for the welfare of the employee or the cost/ pallet strapped  to the employer.

For those Companies that recognise reality however the good news is that it is possible to place two straps around a pallet in 6 seconds - from beginning to end of shift  - very easily with minimum effort - using the unique Strap-Poka Pallet Strapping Machines manufactured by the Plastic Strapping Company Ltd. Nottingham. UK


The cost justification for using Strap Poka Pallet Strapping Machines  is easy and simple...

Assumptions: Assume an employee is paid just 5.70 per hour( Min Wage) and he has  40 pallets a day to strap each with two straps and takes on average 4 minutes per pallet. The cost of applying the straps will be  38 pence/ pallet. 

Extend this to : 40 pallets/day x 5 days x 50 weeks x 0.38 and the cost per annum would be 3800p.a . Much more if the salary is higher or the time taken/pallet  is longer. 

Now assume a Strap Poka Pallet Strapping Machine is used and the timing reduces dramatically to just 40 seconds i.e. just 6.30 pence/pallet. Do the same extension and the cost p.a. becomes: 

40 pallets/day x 5 days x 50 weeks x 0.063 pence and the cost per annum would be just 630 p.a. 

You will understand why most of these Pallet Strapping Machines pay for themselves in just six months and are so popular as they reduce both time and effort taken to strap pallets dramatically - by more than 50%.

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