Battery Powered Friction Weld Strapping Tool Repair Costs!

 Here's how?

Strapping Companies selling battery powered friction weld plastic strapping tools are only too aware of the hassle factor involved with customers bemoaning the fact that the 'tool has gone down again'  - even if it's not that frequent - followed by shock at the cost of the repairs.

This aspect of battery powered friction weld strapping tools is seldom if ever mentioned at the point of sale for good reason. A very large percentage of the strapping tools returned for repair have damage caused by the tool being dropped... and for the same repair, the cost can fequently fall within the range 125 - 500 a time ...varying with the supplier, some of whom see repairs as a rich source of revenue, but damage caused by the strapping tool being dropped can be stopped.  The WSPR (Plastic Reel) and WS406 Work Stations do just that and provide other benefits too. i.e.

  • Drop down easi load reel holder - it safer that way/
  • Overhead strap feed - no more stooping to pick up the end of the strap.
  • Swivelling strap feed tube - feeds strap in any direction.
  • Giant tool tray.
  • Lipped table top for despatch documentation
  • Stretch film locator. (Optional)
  • Tool suspension wire.** but also available with adjustable tool support
  • brackets to give 'Hands Free' operation of the tool.
  • Totally stability.
  • Save the cost of just one repair to the strapping tool... and its paid for!

**Adjustable strapping tool support brackets eliminate the need to pick up/put down the strapping tool hundreds of times a day.

There is another way to cut friction weld strapping tool costs - most repairs take less than five minutes if you do it yourself - click the link Strapping Tool Repairs

Pallet Strapping?

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