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 I pray that no child of mine should ever descend into such a place as
a Library. They are indeed most dangerous places and unfortunate is
she or he who is lured into such a hellhole of enjoyment, stimulus,
facts, passion and fun
Willy Russell

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Message seen recently on MSN
"My sister reads loads of books but she wastes lots of money buying them then never looking at them again.
Is there sort of, like, a Video Rental place for books?

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The College has subscriptions to the following online services

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You will need to get the Login Name and Password from LRC Staff before using this for the first time Then write it in your planner.

NewsUK is an online service developed to provide international, national and regional news, combining the most popular British newspaper titles in one database.

It allows you to search (back to 1991) through all the national daily and Sunday papers, local papers (including the Nottingham Evening Post).

One search covers a wide range of newspapers - you don't have to search each paper's site.

The following magazines are also included.     Economist,  New Statesman,  Spectator

Advanced search option allows you to look for your keyword (topic)in the text or title, or search by writer. You can search all the papers, one particular one or a range of publication dates.

There is also a collection of news articles grouped under broad topic headings eg: Racism, Globalisation, Foot and Mouth disease, European Union,National Health Service etc. These will provide a collection of recent news articles on the topic.

You have the option to save newspaper articles to your own Archive, so that you can build a mini collection of your own choice and update it frequently

This could be of particular use, for example,for Science GCSE  where scientific issues need to be considered against their ethical and social background or for Y13 university candidates preparing for interview,who wish to be up to date about their subject specialisation and how it is being portrayed in the news.


 Issues Online

You will need to get the Login Name and Password from LRC Staff before using this for the first time. Then write it in your planner

This website features the Issuesseries ,which we also have in book form in the LRC. These provide information on a broad range of topics relating to our changing society. The articles try to present different points of view and provide statistics, summaries and further weblinks.

Topics include current social issues such as: binge drinking, euthanasia, sport, the media, tourism, self-inflicted violence etc

This resource  could be used, for example, when researching topics for PSHE, Ethics, Drama, Geography and Science, Travel and Tourism, Health and Social Care etc. The contents are generally written at KS4 level.


Nottinghamshire Libraries Online Service

Do you belong to Nottinghamshire  Public Libraries?

If so, you can access these resources below for free, using your library card number as a log on. Click on the logo above to access the webpage.