Statement from our new Executive Headteacher

           It is a great privilege to have been appointed Executive Headteacher of the White Hills Park Federation. The Governors and Staff of the three schools, working with Nottinghamshire County Council, have created a unique opportunity to move education forward in South Broxtowe. The real strength in this Federation will be the principle that the three schools retain their separate identities, yet work together under one governing body and one leadership team, to increase the range of opportunities which are available to all of the students of the three schools. It is clear that the Federation is starting from a very strong position. All three schools have achieved specialist status which enhances their separate identity, but also provides a framework through which the schools can compliment and expand the curriculum for all students. Additionally all three schools have recently achieved a successful inspection by OFSTED.

            I am sure that many parents and students will be asking how the new Federation will affect education within the three Schools. It is important that we recognise the good practice which already exists in these schools and the first priority should be to protect what is good and then identify areas where the Federation can increase the quality of education we provide. A priority is also to ensure that by September everything is in place for a smooth transition to a Federation. A key element is to appoint School leaders, who will be based in each school and who will be responsible for the day to day running of a school as well as having a leadership role across the Federation.  

             This is certainly an exciting time for all those involved in the White Hills Park Federation. In many respects education, like many other aspects of contemporary life, is rapidly changing; not least with developments in Information technology. Schools themselves will also need to adapt in order to provide the opportunities for students which are now becoming available. Technology is providing different modes of learning and schools working in collaboration, will be the ones who adapt most successfully to the educational world of the future. I believe that in the future Federations will become the common solution to ensuring that individual schools meet the challenges of this changing world. The White Hills Park Federation is in the vanguard of this movement and the progress we now make will have an impact not only on students presently in the schools, but also on those young people who will join the schools of the Federation in the future.                          


Kevin Dean